Our Products

Traffic Film Remover Auto

Car wash detergent (TFR)

Car wash detergent (TFR) is a high foam cleaner for use on all vehicle types.

Traffic Film Remover Commercial

Commercial detergent (TFR)

Commercial detergent (TFR) is a high foam cleaner for use on HGV`s, buses etc.

Traffic Film Remover Industrial

Heavy Duty (TFR)

Heavy Duty (TFR) is a cleaner and degreaser for plant, machinery and chassis cleaning and for use on all hard surfaces.

All above available in 20/200/1000 litre containers

All surfactants used meet the requirements for biodegradability of the Detergents Directive (648/2004EC)
MSDS & PIS available for all products supplied
All above for use in hot or cold power washers and other cleaning machines.

  • Other Cleaning Products

    Wax, Windscreen wash, Pine interior cleaner available in 20 litre containers

  • Caustic Liquid

  • Solium Hydroxide Solution

  • Cleaning in Place (CIP)

    Dairy hygiene detergent

  • Non-Foaming Hygiene Cleaner

  • Potassium Hydroxide Solution

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Above supplied in 20/200/1000 litre containers

MSDS available for all products supplied